About Us

About Kikichor

Kikichor means “What are you searching for?” in one of the many dialects of the Igbo language. The mission of Kikichor  is to respond to that question – give you what you are searching for with respect to Nigerian businesses, services, jobs listings, real estate listings, events, locations, with added convenience of booking appointments for a service, or purchasing tickets for an event.

Business owners and service providers can claim and customize their page to improve online visibility and marketability, gain key knowledge vital for success, and find products to help grow and manage their business. Our Pro Business Plan enables our clients to create a “Shop Front” to display merchandise and interact with customers while the Enterprise Business Plan enables full e-commerce service with a dedicated account officer.

Besides having the most comprehensive online resources dedicated to small business, we also deliver products, services and educational opportunities that are effective, easy to understand and geared to help business owners become more competitive in their respective industries. So, whatever Business Plan you choose, be assured that the Kikichor team will work smart and hard for you to realize the full potential of that plan by delivering helpful news and advice, promotion opportunities and tools designed for small business success in the 21st Century.



Provide Aid

  • We have zero tolerance for fraud or dishonesty
  • Our staff will work for you with utmost candor and zealously,we have zero tolerance for fraud or dishonesty
  • We are strong advocates of “know your customers”
  • Other services include Identity Verification for both individuals and businesses.
  • Request for VERIFICATION before you transact or employ.

We also offer Grants and Scholarship research services. If you are looking for international scholarships or grants for your studies, or for your Non-Profit/NGO, we will help you with links to American institutions and businesses that offer such.

Kikichor will constantly evolve and improve, and our mission to empower small businesses and service providers will continue to be inspired by their significant impact on an individual, local and national level. Our “Kikichor” is to deliver the most excellent service to you, but how can we do that until we know Kikichor?