Kikichor Help and Faq

Kikichor Help and Faq


What is Kikichor?

Kikichor (“What are so searching for?” in one of the many Igbo dialects) is Nigeria’s premier business, services, real estate, jobs, events, booking and locations website. Kikichor is designed especially for individual service providers and for small businesses. We empower individuals and small business owners to succeed on their own terms by helping them stand out, connect with customers and grow their companies. Our solutions include offering individuals and small businesses a place within our popular directory (we have millions of unique visitors monthly), tools to showcase, promote and drive lead generation, as well as products to manage critical business needs. We strive to inform and inspire through learning opportunities, proprietary research, and an online community for dialogue and collaboration

Why should I register on Kikichor?

Registration is free and it’s the best way to take advantage of Kikichor’s many features. It allows you to update your profile, view details about other companies, use additional tools to help gain better visibility online for your business, receive informative email newsletters and participate fully in our online community.

I have no idea what my password is?

You can reset your password by using the “Forgot Your Password” utility.

What are Kikichor’s terms of service?

You can view them here.

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What is Kikichor’s privacy policy?

You can view it here.

Search Results

How do I refine my search and browse results?

The search feature on our directory allows you to enter products, services or business names, as well as the city or state of Nigerian-based businesses. To search content, such as small business-related articles and advice, please visit “Kikichor Blog” section and use the search box on the right-hand side of the page

Kikichor Profiles

What are Kikichor profiles?

Kikichor profiles are pages filled with individual and company information (such as business name, address and phone number) provided by public information sources or company representatives who have added detailed information about who they are and what they do. Since not all pages are claimed by the business owner, some profiles are more robust than others.

Where does Kikichor get its company data?

It depends. If the information showing is basic (name and address) and it has an “Claim this Business” button, the information comes from a collection of public records, such as trade records, business registrations and government registries. Otherwise, a company representative has made changes, and these profiles generally offer more detailed company information.

How often is directory information on Kikichor updated?

Directory information is updated as it’s made available from publishers of public records, or when business owners or representatives make changes or additions to their profiles.

There’s incorrect information about my company. How can I fix it?

Click the “Own This Business?” button to claim your company profile. Claiming allows you to replace incorrect information or update the profile to include a company description, photos, videos and more. All changes are password protected.

Can I add myself or company to Kikichor?

Yes! Kikichor accepts listings for individuals and businesses located in Nigeria only. Adding your company is easy and free, and we have tools and coaches ready to help you promote and grow your business. Get started now.

There’s some information I’d rather not have online, what should I do?

You can update your profile to reflect what you want the world to know. After locating your company, click the “Own This Business?” button on your company’s profile. It walks you through the process to clean it up.

I asked you to remove my information, why do I still see it in Google search results?

We remove profiles within 48 hours of the request, but search engines take longer to update. What you see in the search results is cached information, but if you click on the link you should see that your profile has been removed.

How do I add more information about my company to Kikichor?

If you have already claimed your company profile on Kikichor, you can easily edit your business information. Sign in to Kikichor and start at your Business Dashboard to make changes.

Someone else at my company claimed my profile. How do I get access to it?

A company profile that has been edited or added to Kikichor may only be edited by the User ID (email address) that initially edited it. If the person who edited the company profile is a former employee and you have access to the company email address that was used to register on Kikichor, you can reset the password and then make any edits to the claimed company profile. The alternative is for us to remove the claim on the company profile, and you can register your email address and edit the company listing again. Email us if you need additional help.

How do I add more photos to my company’s profile?

Although you cannot feature additional photos directly on your profile, you can post up to five photos on each of your Showcase pages. You also have the option to add a link in the Additional Links section of your Kikichor profile so visitors can view a photo gallery on your website or other online site.

Why is my company profile not ranking higher with major search engines?

While filling out your company profile completely will help in your online rankings, we have additional tools that are specific to helping you with search-engine rankings. Please remember that while it can typically take Kikichor 24 hours to update our search results pages when new information is added to Kikichor, search engines such as Google can take longer. These search engines regularly visit Kikichor pages to index added and modified content, which is then reflected in Internet search results; it could be several days to weeks before a search engine revisits each page on the site. You may find additional benefits by adding Showcase pages to your Kikichor profile; the titles of these pages are also searchable.

What if my business is no longer in operation or I wish not to be listed at all?

Not a problem. Just email us the URL of the page you’d like removed along with a brief explanation.

The Kikichor Community

I want to contribute my individual or small business expertise to the Kikichor Community. How do I begin?

You are an expert at what you do, and the Kikichor Community is the place where you can share your knowledge and discuss relevant topics. You can view conversations in the community any time, but you’ll need to be a Kikichor member to participate fully. Registering to participate in the community is simple. Prior to posting, you’ll be prompted to provide your name, email address and asked to create a unique username.

I was a member of the old forum (Connect), why do I have to register again in the new community?

We completely overhauled our online community to bring you a better user experience, and the new platform requires that you create a unique username. When you enter the new community for the first time, you’ll be prompted to add any necessary information.

What are the rules for the Kikichor Community?

The Kikichor Community is for business owners to learn from one another, share best practices, ask questions and trade ideas. While we strive to allow all participants to post freely, we want to ensure the community remains clear of spam, and information is relevant and organized. Please only include appropriate links, and always avoid promotional messages or comments that are offensive or off-topic. Be aware that if your posts meet our definition of spam, they will be removed, and you risk losing your right to post. We expect that all participants follow our guidelines.

Who moderates the Kikichor Community?

Kikichor has a dedicated community manager and a moderator who work to keep the community free of spam and running smoothly. If you have a question, please send us a note.

Member Profile 

What is my member profile?

It’s the place you land when you sign into your Kikichor account. From there you can navigate to your Business Dashboard to manage companies you’ve claimed or added, track recommendations you’ve written, update account settings, change email preferences and view products and payment information.

Can the public see my member profile?

Your name, photo and companies you’ve claimed can be seen by the public. However, you can set your preferences so search engines do not index this page, and only users on Kikichor’s site would be able to access this page.

How do I update my email preferences?

Sign into your Kikichor account and click on “Email Preferences” on the left side of your member profile to make any necessary changes. Make sure to click the “Save My Changes” button at the bottom of the page to update.

Where’s the recommendation I wrote for a company?

Companies can choose to display, hide or feature recommendations. If they choose not to display your recommendation, it will still be archived on your member profile, so you can keep track of businesses you’ve reviewed.

How do I feature a recommendation I received?

If someone submits a recommendation for your company, show it off! Sign in to your Kikichor account and move the review to the top of the list by clicking the “Feature” link next to the recommendation.

Kikichor Products

What marketing Products does Kikichor offer?

Kikichor’s Products help you market your business, capture quality leads and get in front of more customers. Our affordable, automated and optimized tools will save you time and make marketing easy, at price points that will fit into your budget. Kikichor Ads use the keywords and categories in your Kikichor business pages to target local customers looking for your products or services. Listing Manager will automatically update your business listing information with more than 50 online directories. Priority Search will drive more clicks and calls to your website with a fully managed Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service.

Need to cancel a Product?

We don’t want to lose you—is there anything we could do to change your mind? Let us know. We’ll do our best to make it right. If not, while we’ll be sad to see you go, you can cancel your subscription by emailing us.

What methods of payment can be used on Kikichor?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and Diner’s Club. All transactions are encrypted and processed by Paypal.

Why did my credit card transaction fail?

Your transaction may have failed due to one of the following reasons:

Invalid address info: The address supplied does not match the billing address your credit card issuer has on file.

Invalid credit card/expiration info: The credit card account number or the credit card expiration date was entered incorrectly. Check the numbers again and re-enter.

Invalid card validation number (CVN): The CVN from the back of the card may be incorrect.

Insufficient funds available: Your request for payment exceeds your credit limit.

Where can I get a receipt for my Product purchase?

There is a receipt ready to print as soon as your purchase is complete, or you can access, view and print from the Purchase History tab of your member profile at any time.

What is Kikichor’s refund policy?

You are free to cancel your Product purchase at any time, but we do not refund for services already provided. If you cancel after your current billing cycle has started, you will continue to receive the service you’ve paid for but your Product will expire at the end of the billing cycle. Terms and billing cycles may vary by Product; please email us if you have questions about your account.

Additional Help

These FAQs didn’t cut it and I need more help. Now what?

Email us if you haven’t found an answer to your question. Please allow us 24 to 48 hours to get back to you as we give every inquiry personal attention.